Its been clear that Semi’s have been the place to be since February 2016. They are the best performing group and show no signs of slowing down. Therefore, I keep a close eye on all these stocks, whether large or micro cap.

NVDA, AMD and COHR have been the clear leaders with 3x and 4x moves. Besides the NVDA gap up today, I have felt like NVDA and AMD are chasing old money. Lets say you didn’t catch all of these monster moves (I didn’t), can they continue higher? Yes and they probably will. But if you didn’t, do you want to hop on with not as great a risk reward?

Running through my list, I am seeing a handful of other Semi tickers that have been quietly building their base now breaking out on nice volume. Possibly similar to the volume breakaways NVDA, AMD and COHR saw. Could these be great risk reward opportunities? I believe so.

Charts below:





Lets see how these continue to act. Thanks for reading.