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Nicholas Marino is the Founder and Editor of the AlphaEyeCharts. He is a 26-year-old graduate of Fairfield University and current Analyst. He loves everything and anything financial markets related. His first interest in Finance was peaked when he won The Stock Market Game™, a virtual stock trading competition, in the 7th grade against hundreds of other students in his schools’ surrounding counties.

In college, he majored in Finance at the Dolan School of Business and held internships at a Boiler Room firm to the New York Stock Exchange and Wells Fargo Securities. He came across the subject of Technical Analysis in 2013, his sophomore year, following a presentation by Fairfield alumnus JC Parets and has been hooked since. Analyzing stock charts, reading about the subject, and investing his own capital are all parts of his market pastime. He is currently pursuing the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation and is a Level III Candidate.

Nick has been an active member on StockTwits since November 2013 and Twitter since August 2017. His profiles can be found here and here. He started writing longer reports for friends and manages an actively traded account for his family. He wrote for SeeItMarket for nearly 2 years starting in February 2017. His articles can be found here. In 2019, Nick wrote for TheChartReport and his work can be found here. The purpose of his writing is to dive deeper in his analysis than 140/280 characters allowed on social media, and let others understand his thought process as well as track his progress. Nick also began writing a free email newsletter in November 2018 where he discusses opportunities he is not publicly talking about. If you would like to receive these letters, you can sign up here.

Nick is a product of the financial social media crowd. As an absolute newbie, he was lucky enough to be exposed to important concepts such as risk management, supply & demand, and avoiding all financial news through everyone he followed since he began trading his own capital in October of 2015.

He is forever grateful to those above him who shared and continue to share their knowledge on these platforms. The internet is an amazing place to learn. This is the main reason he shares his ideas today. If only one person can learn or gain something from him, he thinks it’s worth his time.

My Approach: I keep it as simple as possible. The cleaner the chart the better. I only use price, volume, and moving averages (and sometimes Relative Strength Index). To make money, I need to keep my money. I never enter a position without knowing where I am wrong, how much capital I am risking, and where my target is. I am wrong and wrong often, but I try to capitalize as much as possible when I am right. I firmly believe in the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) when it comes to your annual gains. I actually believe it is more like a 95/5 rule..

I do not believe in the Efficient Market Hypothesis, rather I think that is the biggest bologna of all time. I love stocks that gap higher, though I do not chase. I want to own the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors and short the weakest stocks in the weakest sectors. I believe that supply & demand, investor psychology and market sentiment are 1,000x more important than anything else.

I look at all markets (domestic & international), sectors, bonds, commodities and currencies BUT my main focus is US equities, specifically leading growth stocks. When I have long positions on in my portfolio, I (try my best to) completely ignore anything but those positions, that includes not looking at the S&P 500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ.

I wouldn’t call myself a momentum trader but 99% of the things I trade have momentum – I prefer the term “speculator.” I buy stocks that have already doubled and are therefore likely to double, triple in price again. A stock that is up 500% in 1-2 years doesn’t get there in a day. I am rarely buying anything near all-time-lows or in a downtrend. I prefer uptrends and stocks near all-time-highs.

I rarely hold more than 5 positions at a time and also have no problem throwing 50% of my portfolio in 1 stock, if the risk/reward is right. My time horizon is defined in weeks and months. My goal each year is for triple digit performance and compounding my portfolio. In my actively managed portfolio, I never let myself think that a stock “might be” the next Amazon, Apple or Netflix. No one knows that. No one ever will. It’s only in hindsight. Never fall in love with your positions – it’s just letters and numbers.

Lastly, I do not care what “gurus” or talking heads have to say. I fully tune out all noise as best I can: “price is always correct, opinions are often wrong.”

Thanks for reading! I recommend you follow me on Twitter and StockTwits as I am more active on those platforms.

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